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Become a Paid member

Becoming a paid member means that you will receive a tote bag, button, and an exclusive social event! Being a member helps us continue to bring food and refreshments to meetings. Thank you for your support!


*Please note that we are not getting rid of our free membership option.

Company Meetings

Women In Tech UGA brings in a variety of companies to discuss their working life, career opportunities, general business topics, or current tech trends! 

Previous companies include: KPMG, Nox Health, Home Depot, Accenture, Equifax, EY, etc. 


Workshops focus on improving members technical and professional skills through lectures and hands on exercises. Workshops can be lead by industry professionals that provide valuable insight and advice based on their real world experiences.

Previous examples include: AT&T Cloud Computing, Google Resume Workshop, EY Q&A Session, How to Build Your Personal Brand etc. 

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